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Watch the music video for Wanted You To Know, featured in Vistaprint's holiday commercialsView the lyrics.  


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About David Law

David Law is a songwriter, music producer and entertainer from Boston, MA. He is also the lead singer and driving force behind The Beat Drops, Boston's top party-band.

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When you're truly in love with music, there's always a song bouncing around somewhere in your head.  It might just be the first few notes of a melody, or a simple rhythm that follows you around throughout the day, but it's always something.  The sound of a car passing, or the 'ding' of an elevator door can trigger the most badass symphony in your mind.

Sometimes you have no control over the music - as if it's just evolving on its own, independent of your consciousness.  That's where David Law's music starts.  It's not planned or formulaic, it's just exactly what pops into his head.  

Fast-forward: It's 2:00am. David stares out the window of his apartment, overlooking the Boston skyline, takes a sip of scotch, and starts to work out all of the song clips and ideas that have been floating around in his mind.  That's the best time to write, because he's free.  There are no distractions; no text messages; no responsibilities.  Just the sounds of the city and the scratches of his pen on a yellow legal pad.   

But as peaceful as it might be, it's also hard, frustrating work.  It's a struggle: to find the right words, the right chords, the right melodies.  "I want to take the feeling I have, and make you feel it exactly as I do," says David, "in the first few seconds of the song."  Music is the only art form that can so quickly and deeply transfer a feeling.  It can happen in a matter of seconds.  "Any song that the listener can feel  is a good song.  Those are the songs I want to write."  

Check out David's sophomore album, Shoot the Moon, and buy that shit on iTunes if you like it... because he's not famous enough for you to find it on bit torrent ;-)

As the lead singer of his Boston-based party band, The Beat Drops, David ignites the stage with his love for music and a passion for high-energy performance. The Beat Drops keep everyone singing, dancing and drinking all night. 

When he’s not writing and performing his original music, David plays at dueling piano bars across the country. “The audience is the heart of the show,” he says, describing his work as a dueling pianist at Keys to the City in New Haven, and the Jive and Wail in St. Louis. “It’s never the same twice. The audience members request the songs, sing, dance, and get wild. We just help them do it.”


At age 5, David's father gave him a set of headphones and The Beatles' Abbey Road, and told him not to leave the basement until he had finished listening to the whole album. 

That's probably where this whole mess started.  Soon after, he found himself performing regularly with Jazz musicians more than four times his age, and his original music was featured on Boston's WERS radio station.

As a 12-year-old, David began performing as a street musician in Boston and on Nantucket Island.  This earned him the (goofy) nickname "Piano Dave," and sixteen years later, plenty of people still call him that.  David was a featured artist on Nantucket's PlumTV, and began performing at several bars on the island, including the famous Club Car.

While in high school, David converted his basement into a studio.  It was there that he wrote, produced and recorded his first album, Dancing with the Devil.  He didn't have much in terms of professional studio gear, but it was more than the Beatles had when they recorded Abbey Road.  Dancing with the Devil showcases David's love for rich vocal harmony and unexpected chord changes.  Shoot the Moon, David's second studio album, combines elements of electronic music, contemporary R&B and rock to create a unique and original sound.  Both albums are available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

After graduating from Boston University's School of Management, David earned his law degree at Washington University in St. Louis. While in school, David continued to write, record, and perform music.  Currently, David practices law in Boston at Holland & Knight LLP, and performs with his band The Beat Drops, playing at bars and clubs around Boston and New England.

David has also placed music in several TV commercials, including Vistaprint's 2013-2014 holiday ad, which aired internationally and featured David performing "Just Wanted You To Know,"  a song he co-wrote and recorded with the company's marketing team.  He also performed the full-length song in a music video as part of the campaign.

More recently, David co-wrote, produced and recorded the single, "Take Me Down," a collaboration with Boston-based rapper J. Lye. He also released another single, "Fall in Love," and is in the process of recording a music video for the track.